The Bookseller

BigKid was comissioned to design, build and maintain the first website for The Bookseller - a website for the book publishing industry. My team undertook this project and maintained the site for the first two years of its existence. It has recently undergone a redesign and relaunch - which we were not responsible for.

Sandals Landing Page

To promote a distinct series of interactive magazines we produced for holiday resorts company Sandals we built a landing/launch page on a brand new url -  From here travel agents could access all of the bespoke publications quickly and easily and learn all about what the luxury Caribbean destinations had to offer - as if they needed telling!


To visit the site click here

RBI - Intractive Map

ICIS magazine produce a yeary interactive map that shows the vast amounts of trade that goes on globally in chemicals. This was a hugely complicated project to develop and manage - accuracy is vital and keeping to budget an important factor in the build.