A Brief History of Interactive Digital Publications

When we launched the division in 2007, the interactive magazines market was just in its infancy. Creating page-turning magazines that had the ability to engage end-users in a full-browser environment was a novel concept.


Ceros (launched by FMG) was born out of the wishes of one publisher to tap into a lucrative and hitherto unexplored revenue stream and our CEO who had an insatiable appetite to deliver the impossible.


So Monkey magazine was launched and created a whole new internet experience.  Other publishers spotted the possibilities of the medium and a new breed of publishing was launched.


Agencies and brands looking to cut down on their wasteful print communications pieces and the high carbon-footprint those generated embraced the technology and we developed both internal comms projects and consumer driven publications.


Interactive magazines have now developed away from Flash-based offerings to take advantage of the huge upswell in iPad sales across the world. HTML5 driven publications are the future.  My company has the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to build iPad publications with e-commerce integration - call me on 07795 675451 to discuss how we can help you.